E30B Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
E30B Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
E30B Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
E30B Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
E30B Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
E30B Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

E30B Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Cleaning chores sometimes makes us exhausted, especially after the whole working-day. ALBOHES attaches the importance to comfortable living environment and produces an excellent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner to solve this problem. Featured with sensitive sensors, advanced gyroscopic navigation, 5 cleaning modes, self-recharging and scheduled cleaning functions, ALBOHES Robotic Vacuum Cleaner conquers cleaning tasks easily while you do other things or nothing at all.

- Gyroscopic Navigation:
this advanced technology offers accurate directional horizontal, efficient running path, zigzag moving, sensitive direction detection, instant speed / acceleration / cleaning path changes, which increases the cleaning area coverage and improves efficiency.
- Designed for Thorough Cleaning:
ALBOHES robot vacuum features 5 cleaning modes: mopping mode, auto cleaning, edge cleaning, single room cleaning and manual control to remove dust, impurities and sticky stains on the floor. This powerful cleaning machine handles sweeping, vacuuming and mopping tasks.
- High-performance Brushless Motor
the equipped brushless motor performs well in energy efficiency, anti interference, reducing noise level and prolonging lifespan.
- Hassle-free Operation:
turn on the robot and use the remote control to start cleaning; the 11 infrared sensors and 2 mechanical sensors inside enhance the reliable anti-collision and anti-drop feature; the scheduled cleaning function helps you clean the house even when you are absent; the auto-return recharging reduces the hassle of taking machine to the charging base by hand.
- Large Water Tank:
with the 350ml capacity water tank, ALBOHES robot vacuum cleaner mops tile, laminate and hardwood floor for 90 - 100 minutes without requiring water refill; the intelligent water spilling system wets the absorbed rag evenly without dripping.

- Noise: 30-60dB
- Power voltage: 220 - 240V
- Remote controller battery: 2 x AAA ( included ) 
- Built-in battery: Li-ion 2500mAh 
- Motor suction: 1800Pa
- Dust box capacity: 600ml
- Water tank capacity: 350ml
- Charging time: 4 - 5hours
- Working time: 90 - 120min
- Climbing height: 15mm

- Please use the product on low pile carpet ( whose fluff length is shorter than 1 cm ), tile, laminate, and hardwood floors. Wet mopping function can't work on any carpet.
- The products is not suitable for long pile carpets ( whose fluff length is longer than 1 cm ) or dark-colored surfaces.